Bolshoi Ballet 2020-2021: The Lady of the Camelias12A

Bolshoi Ballet 2020-2021: The Lady of the Camelias

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Armand  Duval  finds  himself  at  the  auction  of  the  famous  courtesan  Marguerite Gautier’s  possessions  after  she  passed  away.  She  was  Armand’s  true  love,  and  the vision of her belongings awakens vivid memories of their turbulent love story.

Choreographer  John  Neumeier  adapts  Alexandre  Dumas Fils’s timeless novel The Lady of the Camelliasfor the stage with great sensitivity and emotional depth in his work of rare beauty. As the troubled courtesan Marguerite, superstar prima Svetlana Zakharovaand  Hamburg  Ballet’s  guest  star  Edvin  Revazov  as  Armand  bring  the passionate drama to new emotional heights accompanied by Chopin’s fantastic score.